Feed Additives Americas 2018 Agenda

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Day 1
Wednesday 12th December

8:45 am — Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:30 am — Chair’s Opening Remarks
Emma Penny, Managing Director, Feedinfo News Service

9:45 am — KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Economic Trends – The Renormalization of Agriculture
An Agricultural Economist reviews the changing demands for uses of agricultural commodities and the impact on the livestock value chain for the near and long term future
Michael Swanson, Ag Economist – Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank

10:20 am — VIEWS FROM FEEDINFO: Disruptors in the North, Central and South American Markets
Hear from our editorial team to better understand the M&A activities, new possibilities and emerging dynamics of the market
Shannon Behary, Editor, Feedinfo News Service

10:50 am — Current Market Trends in the Americas: Feed Additives and Feed

  • Setting the scene:  The size of the industry, trends, end user markets, and regional variations
  • Trends in agriculture and their impact on the market
  • What are the industry leaders prioritising?
  • Trends in export markets and their impact on the region
  • Reviewing M&A activity and examining the consequences of market consolidation

Dirk Jan Kennes, Global Strategist, Farm Input, Rabobank

11:25 am — Networking Tea and Coffee Break

12:00 pm — FEED ADDITIVES LEADER PANEL: North, Central and South America

  • Understanding what industry leaders are doing and prioritising
  • What do our panellists think we will be talking about at next years events?
  • Long term priorities for the industry: where are the leaders investing?
  • What does the future of livestock farming look like?

MODERATOR: Raj Kasula, Technical Consultant, Ridley Inc and Former Executive Member, World Poultry Science Association
Guy Harari
, President, Adisseo North & Central America
Andrew Carlson, Vice President, ADM
Luis Azevedo
, Executive Director, Business Development & Former MD, Latin America, Novus International
Join leaders from the industry to discuss the biggest challenges in the industry

12:45 pm — Analysing the Animal Protein Ingredients Market in the Americas

  • Current market trends
  • What is the future of animal protein ingredients?

David Meeker, Senior Vice President, Scientific Services & Regulatory Affairs, National Renderers Association

1:15 pm — Networking Lunch

1:35 pm — URNER BARRY LUNCHTIME BRIEFING: US Poultry Market Overview
An optional session focusing on poultry markets and trends
Led by: Russ Whitman, Senior Vice President, Urner Barry

Market and Pricing Insight

2:30 pm — FEEDINFO EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT:  Vitamins and Amino Acids Market Outlooks
In this exclusive session you will hear from Feedinfo News Service’s Lead Analyst on the outlooks for the global vitamins and amino acids markets and what could influence pricing in the future
Martijn de Cocq, Lead Analyst,Feedinfo News Service

3:10 pm — FEEDINFO EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT: Feed Phosphates and Copper Sulphate Market Outlooks
This exclusive session will offer pricing information for feed phosphates and copper sulphate to allow your business to plan for the future
Janos Gal, Senior Analyst, Feedinfo News Service

3:40 pm — Networking Tea and Coffee Break

Market Influencers

4:10 pm — Meat Markets and Trends

  • Meat market trends and forecasting
  • Factors influencing meat markets
  • What will the future of food look like?

Kevin Good, Vice President, Industry Relations and Analysis, CattleFax

4:40 pm — Political Developments in South America and their Impact on the Industry
Political decisions impacting agricultural markets
Antonio Quintanilla, Coordinator, Political Analysis Unit, Prospectiva Consulting

5:10 pm — CLOSING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Trade Laws and their Impact on Agricultural Products
Looking at changes to trade laws globally and how these impact the markets and legislation in North, Central and South America
Kevin Roepke, Regional Director – Americas, U.S. Soybean Export Council

5:45 pm — Chairs Closing Remarks and End of Day

5:50 pm — Networking Event

Day 2
Thursday 13th December

8:30 am — Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00 am — Chair’s Opening Remarks
Emma Penny, Managing Director, Feedinfo News Service

9:15 am — REGULATION PANEL DISCUSSION: Product Approval Processes from Across the Region

  • New procedures and policies being implemented across the region
  • How manufacturers can drive efficiencies in the product approval processes

Moderator: Robert Geiger, 2019 President, AAFCO
Manuela Schuttel,
Regulatory Affairs Coordinator LatAm, Biomin
Daniela Solomon
, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Novozymes North America
Hannah Lester
, Scientific Director, Pen & Tec Consulting

Technical Developments

10:15 am — Increasing Cattle Feed Efficiency through Additives
Evaluating the research into how feed additives can improve cattle feed efficiency
Darren Henry, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal and Food Science, Texas Tech University

10:45 am — Networking Tea and Coffee Break

11:30 — SWINE RESEARCH: Gut Health Additives and their Impact on Overall Animal Health

  • Advancements in the research of gut health
  • Examining developments in the field of enzymes
  • Exploring probiotic potential for animal feed

Jerry Shurson, Professor, Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota

12:00 pm — POULTRY RESEARCH: Gut Health Additives and their Impact on Overall Animal Health

  • Advancements in the research of gut health
  • Examining developments in the field of enzymes
  • Exploring probiotic potential for animal feed

Samuel Rochell, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

12:30 pm — The Road Towards the Research and Development of Alternatives to Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture
Scientific review of the advancements in utilising feed additives and other nutritional products in antibiotic free farming

Hyun Lillehoj, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

1:00 pm — Networking Lunch

1:20 pm — LUNCHTIME BRIEFING: African Swine Fever
An optional session providing a detailed scientific update on African Swine Fever

Led by: Jerry Shurson, Professor, Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota

Trends Impacting the Value Chain

2:15 pm — INTEGRATORS PANEL: Challenges for the Industry and Looking to the Future

  • What are the biggest challenges integrators are currently facing?
  • Impact of the USA’s Antibiotic Legislation: What have been effective tools and strategies since the change?
  • Do antibiotics still have a place going forward if so and if so for how long?
  • Where do integrators see the business of food going?

Marcelo Medina, Nutritionist, Keken
Terry Coffey,
Chief Science and Technology Officer, Hog Production Division, Smithfield Foods
Jim Shepard
, Senior Director of Live Operations, Wayne Farms

3:00 pm — PANEL DISCUSSION: Testing and Selecting Feed Ingredients

  • What are the priorities and challenges for feed formulators in different livestock markets?
  • How do nutritionists decide which feed additives to purchase?
  • Different strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of new technologies

Ron Scott, Director, Beef Technical Innovation, Land O’Lakes
Phil Smith, 
Senior Nutritionist, Tyson Foods
Other panellists to be confirmed

3:30 pm — Networking Tea and Coffee Break

4:00 pm — How Digital Innovation could Impact the Industry
Reviewing how advances in technology could help progress the value chain
Rob Dongoski, Partner, Agribusiness Leader, EY

4:30 pm — CLOSING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: How Regional Consumer Opinions Influence the Sector

  • Do animal nutrition and feed choices impact the decisions retailers and restaurants make when purchasing meat?
  • How is farming changing to meet the needs of consumers?
  • At what rate is consumers knowledge of sustainable farming increasing and how is it influencing their purchasing habits?

David Fikes, Vice President, Communications & Consumer/Community Affairs, Food Marketing Institute

5:00 pm — Chairs Closing Remarks

5:15 pm — End of Conference

¡!Nuestra conferencia contará con traducción simultánea en español¡!

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