Agenda Overview 

This year’s Feed Additives Americas program focuses on The Future of the Industry.

In an ever-changing industry, and with more factors impacting pricing in North, Central, and South America than ever before, importance is placed on having the right tools and being able to effectively prepare for future trends.

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Industry Market Challenges

08:45 The Future of Agriculture Gain insight into how to best future-proof your business

09:45 The Global Feed Industry: An Overview An overview of what trends have been seen across the world that are impacting the North, Central and South American feed industry and how your business can best prepare for their impact.

10:15 African Swine Fever and its Impact Gain a deeper understanding of the true impact of the disease that will have global ramifications for the protein industry and what steps you can take to minimize the threat to your business.

11:20 Feed Additive’s Leaders Panel: Challenges in Innovation Insight from feed additives leaders on how they are preparing to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry.

1:25 Americas and the World: Trade Relations and Politics  Examining how your business can best prepare for the uncertainty that changing trade relations and political shifts bring.

2:10 What Do Consumers Want? Gain an understanding of the changing mind of consumers and what future trends your business can prepare for.

3:00 Lab-Grown and Plant-Based Proteins: The Impact on the Value Chain Analyzing whether products like lab-grown and plant-based proteins can be a threat to traditional protein industries.

3:30 Bringing the Digital Future to Agriculture Evaluating how new technologies can be best utilized by the livestock value chain.


5:15      Networking Event

09:15 Feedinfo News Round up: Then, Now and Later FeedInfo’s Editor Explores the key issues that have impacted the industry and predictions for animal nutrition trends between 2020 and 2040.

09:45 Integrators Panel: The Future of the Industry Learn about what feed additives customers are doing and what they need from animal nutrition products.

10:45 Managing African Swine Fever: The Role of Feed Producers Gain insight into how feed producers can help in mitigating the risk of viral diseases like African Swine Fever.

11:50 The Role of Feed Additives in Combatting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Examining the current and future impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and how feed additives can play a part in controlling this.

1:35 FEEDINFO EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT: Vitamins and Amino Acids Market Outlook 2019- 2020 Feedinfo News Service’s Lead Analyst presents an outlooks for the global vitamins and amino acids markets and what could influence pricing in the future.

2:25 The State of the Grain Market Understand the current trends in the grain market and factors which could impact future trends to decide how your business should prepare for this.

3:30 Alternatives to Antibiotics: A Literature Review New research into antibiotic alternatives and how your business can support the shift towards reduction of antibiotic use.

4:00 New Players: Alternative Feed Ingredients and their Impact Insight into what alternative feed ingredients could mean for the traditional players.


5:10 Networking event


Feed Industry Insight


Seminar 1: Speciality Feed Ingredients Regulation

Attendees choose 1 of 3 seminars to Attend

Seminar 1: Specialty Feed Ingredients Regulation

09:00 Legislation across the Region that could Impact Feed Additives Markets Looking at the legislation across the region which could impact feed and feed additives markets for better or worse.

09:40 Product Registration Processes in the U.S Reviewing changes in registering feed and feed additives products in the USA to ensure your product approval process is as streamlined as possible.

10:20 Product Registration Processes in Canada Gain insight into the upcoming changes to product approval processes in Canada to ensure you have all in the information for the upcoming developments.

11:30 Product Registration Processes in Brazil Examining how to drive efficiencies in feed and feed additives registration processes in Brazil so you can better understand the legislation in this growing market.

12:05 Product Registration Processes in Mexico This session will look at the Mexican product approval process in Mexico and practical strategies to make this process easier.

12:40 Legislation for the Future: New Regulations in Europe that could be Adopted Globally Explore developments in European legislation – one of the strictest markets in the world, which we could see adopted by other regions and countries over the coming years.

09:00 Developments in our Knowledge of Monogastric Gut Health Advances in our understanding of microbiomes and effective animal nutrition to support this.

09:40 The Relationship between Animal Health and Nutrition Reviewing new research into the role feed additives can have on animal immunity and management of chronic and viral diseases.

10:20 Advances in Probiotics as Feed Additives Developments in the field and understanding the next stages for research.

11:30 Alternatives to Antibiotic Growth Promotors (AGPS) Reviewing different feed additives groups to understand their effectiveness as non-antibiotic growth promoters.

12:05 New Research into Plant-Based Feed Additives Understanding plant-based additives’ mode of action and the challenges they can address in animal husbandry.

12:40 Reducing Protein Content for Optimum Dietary Formulation Gain practical and scientific formulation guidance for developing reduced protein feed.


Seminar 2: Advances in Nutrition for Feed Formulation


Seminar 3: Regional Market Insight

09:00 Challenges in the Regional Poultry Industry Examining the North and South American Poultry industry to understand the challenges being faced by producers and how to combat these.

09:40 Challenges in the Regional Swine Industry Looking at some of the challenges faced by North and South American swine industry and the solutions they require.

10:20 Challenges in the Regional Aquaculture Industry With a focus on south America, this session will look at the challenges the aquaculture industry is facing and solutions for farmers.

11:30 Reviewing the Needs of Feed Formulators This session will review at some of the challenges monogastric feed formulators are facing across the region and how they can best prepare for these.

12:05 Forecasting Livestock Markets: What should we expect? Analysing the key issues that are expected to impact the markets in the future to give your business the chance to prepare for these.

12:40 Examining Asian Feed and Livestock Markets With a special focus on China, gain insight into Asian feed and livestock markets and understand how they are impacting North and South American markets, and the impact these can then have on your business.