2019 Partners

Sponsorship of Feed Additives will provide your business with unrivalled exposure to the global feed industry.

Our Partners benefit from exposure to over 20,000 industry professionals through Feedinfo News Services active user-base of subscribers, and access to hundreds of senior decision-makers and influencers in-person at our conferences.

By aligning your firm with the key topics we have identified through extensive research, you can position your business at the forefront of the industry.

Our knowledge-driven conferences engage attendees and get them thinking about the future of their company – making Feed Additives Americas the perfect place to connect with them.

For more information about promoting your business at our events in 2019, please contact Michael Squibb for more information.

Platinum Partner

Pen & Tec
Pen & Tec

Pen & Tec is a specialist consultancy with over 18 years’ experience advising companies on the regulatory requirements for the food and animal feed industry in Europe. We help clients take food and feed products to market faster and offer strategic advice on optimising return on investment from their existing product portfolios.

Since incorporation, Pen & Tec has established a history of success in guiding clients through their regulatory affairs challenges for products including food and feed additives, novel foods and nutrition and health claims. We have helped clients overcome regulatory challenges in Europe for products such as food and feed additives, novel foods and nutrition and health claims.

We are based in Spain and have expanded our global reach by increasing our network of associates, allowing us to offer regulatory services for food and feed products in other leading global markets such as the USA, China and Brazil. Staffed by a team of professional scientists specialising in food chain legislation, we are equipped to help you successfully register your product in the fastest time possible.

Website: www.pentec-consulting.eu

Gold Partner

Pen & Tec

The culture and needs of the livestock industry are changing around the globe. By bringing together resources, expertise, innovation and research-driven technologies, the combined animal nutrition business is one of the largest in the world and offers a full range of value-added products and solutions for both production and companion animals.

Website: www.adm.com

Silver Partners

Erbo Spraytec
Erbo Spraytec

Spraytec AG is a Swiss technology provider and toll manufacturer for feed additives.

Spray granulation, matrix encapsulation (W/O and O/W), core/shell encapsulation, spray chilling, spray mixing, hot melt coating, agglomeration, instantisation are some of the key production processes Erbo Spraytec AG uses to manufacture custom-tailored products in the broad field of feed additives. For this purpose, Erbo Spraytec AG runs two large scale fluidized bed multiprocessor production plants of the newest technology, as well as two pilot plants for R&D on customer’s demand.

With our cutting edge technology, we convert active ingredients into free flowing and virtually dust-free powders with defined and specified product properties. A selection of those properties are: controlled release, target release, odour masking, taste masking, protection (against physical, chemical and mechanical influences), improvement of flowability and dosing, improvement of solubility and reduction of hygroscopicity.

Logistic services, warehousing and customized packaging (from big bags to small PE- bottles) complete our offering and highlight Erbo Spraytec AG as THE full line supplier.

However, the true strength of the POWDER PROFESSIONALS of Erbo Spraytec AG is the extensive expertise in fluidized bed technology and experience with sophisticated powder products since many decades.

Website: www.erbo-spraytec.ch/en


At PMI, we expand what’s possible in animal performance by unlocking the power of the microbiome. By using innovative combinations of feed additives, including new disruptive molecules, PMI optimizes animal health and performance.

Our additives expand what’s possible in animal performance by supporting nutrient utilization, gut health and gut integrity. Working with feed nutritionists, feed manufacturers, veterinarians and producers, our products provide value, efficacy and demonstrably strong results.

PMI products are backed by trusted research paired with the expertise on how to use them within the nutrition, management and health dynamic of each species. With in-house resources, extensive research capabilities and strong partnerships with industry-leading companies across the world, PMI delivers on the promise of feed additives that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

That’s the power of the gut. That’s the power of PMI.

Website: www.pmiadditives.com

Bronze Partners

FNF Ingredients

FNF Ingredients is a full-service marketing and supply extension of selected vitamin producers in China. FNF Ingredients connects the world with trustworthy, competitive and high-quality Chinese manufacturers. Our goal is to utilize our longtime relationships in China to become a lifetime partner of end-users in the feed and food industry worldwide. We are committed to achieve this by offering hassle-free deliveries of high quality ingredients at competitive prices.

Website: fnfingredients.com


Delacon coined the term ‘phytogenic feed additives’, and has been the pioneer and global leader in this category for three decades. The steadily growing global team specializes in identifying natural substances, whose complex modes of action it then researches and verifies. Based on the results, the company develops and manufactures feed additives on a sound scientific basis, delivering benefits to producers, animals, consumers and the environment. With the recently published zootechnical registration for Biostrong®510 EC, Delacon is the first company to achieve this scientific gold standard for two phytogenic products, proving that pioneers always strive for gold.

Website: www.delacon.com


EnviroFlight develops high quality, sustainable insect-based ingredients for animals and plants in a socially responsible way.

Since 2009, EnviroFlight’s mission has remained the same: to create the highest-quality Black Soldier Fly larvae on the market. We do this because we are passionate about animals, nutrition, and sustainability. All EnviroProducts™ are highly palatable, nutritious, and require fewer resources to grow than traditional protein. Whether it’s for aquaculture or your pet, we put the same scientific expertise into every product that leaves our facility.

Website: https://www.enviroflight.net/